Under Attack

These past couple of weeks I have felt like our house has been under attack. First to be under siege was my poor Abel, who all of a sudden had some odd bumps on his legs.  After going back and forth from Googling “Chicken Pox”, to thinking “but they were vaccinated” to Googling “Chicken Pox after vaccines” to sending some lovely pictures to my poor mother, it was time to go to the doctor.  The diagnosis was Hand Foot and Mouth disease.  Unfortunate, but not too odd.  What was odd was that minutes before we were headed out the door to go to the appointment,  Calvin developed the exact same pattern as Abel’s original bumps on the EXACT SAME part of the same leg.  This oddly delighted and amazed the doctor’s office, and I could hear tales of the twin bumps circulating as we were leaving.  Twin stuff tends to do that to people.

Good thing they are fierce!

Good thing they are fierce!

At the same time while dealing with our two grumpy and bumpy boys, we are undergoing a kitchen renovation. I did not realize how possessive I was about this space until I couldn’t enter it.  Or how messy it is to feed toddlers in your living room.

So that’s what’s been happening with us. It is hectic, but I couldn’t be luckier.  My orange cabinets (one of the many reasons for the renovation) will soon be a thing of the past.  Calvin cracked up watching me on the swings at the playground today (perhaps my technique is off?) and Abel is still a little bumpy, but still heartbreakingly beautiful.

beatiful abel

Diana Dionne

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I’m Diana Dionne, a Caribou native now living in the country in Androscoggin County, married to another Aroostook County transplant. A former communications professional, I now am a freelance writer, and spend my days communicating (or attempting to communicate), with my identical two year old twin boys, Calvin and Abel.