Things (That Should Be) Left Unsaid

The other day, while checking if Clorox Wipes were safe to use on my new countertops, I learned that they should not be used for “personal” cleansing. It’s just one of those statements that make you wonder why it even had to be said. I had a similar feeling while explaining to Abel while the quickest route to me may have been walking on his sleeping brother; it wasn’t necessarily the best one. While corralling twin toddlers I find myself not only saying many things that I never thought would need to be said, but also that I never thought I would hear myself say. Here are some highlights. Just from this week.

  • No, no, no don’t touch your poop!
  • No, no, no don’t touch your brother’s poop!
  • The pellet stove is not your jungle gym.
  • Sticks are not food.
  • What’s in your mouth? Rocks?!
  • It’s 3 a.m. People sleep now. Stop partying.
  • You can’t pull the TV off the wall! (Said yesterday by an unamused Jason).
  • Stop licking the shower curtain.
  • Stop licking the grocery cart.
  • Here, play with this loaf of bread (when previous statement led to tears in the grocery cart).

     Not impressed with my "no"

    Not impressed with my “no”

I try to see the humor in these moments, knowing the day will come when these will be lessons learned. Hopefully. After all, there are apparently people who haven’t figured out how to appropriately use household cleaning products.

No, you can't pull everything off the bottom two shelves in every aisle.

No, you can’t pull everything off the bottom two shelves in every aisle.

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I’m Diana Dionne, a Caribou native now living in the country in Androscoggin County, married to another Aroostook County transplant. A former communications professional, I now am a freelance writer, and spend my days communicating (or attempting to communicate), with my identical two year old twin boys, Calvin and Abel.