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“Hookable” Moments

Don’t worry; this is still a family blog. I’m referring to a technique that my husband taught me to help you remember those fleeting thoughts…the ones that often get lost when your attention is pulled elsewhere, a phenomenon that is all too common when your primary occupation is Toddler Wrangler. He explained that when you […]

Cirque Du Baby

Remember when your kids were teeny and couldn’t move very far without your help? You know, when you could do crazy things like take a shower or eat a sandwich without fearing for their safety? Me too – many heart attacks ago.  My husband has coined this the “Cirque Du Soleil” phase, as these fearless […]

Mom Friends: Way Better Than Mom Jeans

One of the most surprising things about being a new, stay-at-home parent was how isolating it came be. I was actually anticipating the opposite.  I mean, I would NEVER be alone!  Turns out there is a difference between chatting with a friend, and chatting to a crying baby as you attempt to change a diaper. […]