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Cirque Du Baby

Remember when your kids were teeny and couldn’t move very far without your help? You know, when you could do crazy things like take a shower or eat a sandwich without fearing for their safety? Me too – many heart attacks ago.  My husband has coined this the “Cirque Du Soleil” phase, as these fearless […]

FATQs (Frequently Asked Twin Questions)

After the initial “Twins?!? ” reaction, I have become accustomed to a series of questions by the strangers we encounter each day. Here are a handful of them. Are they identical? Yes. A boy and a girl? See above. Also, note that many people don’t understand the definition of identical. Do twins run in your […]

The Art of the Unexpected

Routine has always been a friend to me. From detailed chore lists as a child, to the need to always eat breakfast with a good cooking magazine in the morning, I’ve liked things familiar and orderly.  It has been hard to reconcile this desire with parenthood, when the unexpected is usually the norm.  This is a lesson […]

The Control Group

When we learned that the twins we were expecting were identical, Jason joked (I hope!) that we should raise them separately for a few years, then bring them back together to see what was nature and what was nurture. While I think he really just wanted to ensure that one child was given bacon versus […]

When Mama is Sick

Last week, for the first time in the 16 months the boys have been here, I got sick. Not sniffles or headache sick, but completely out of commission. Only, I quickly realized, I couldn’t be out of commission. In the next 48 hours, in addition to realizing the one crucial perk my job doesn’t have […]

Mom Friends: Way Better Than Mom Jeans

One of the most surprising things about being a new, stay-at-home parent was how isolating it came be. I was actually anticipating the opposite.  I mean, I would NEVER be alone!  Turns out there is a difference between chatting with a friend, and chatting to a crying baby as you attempt to change a diaper. […]

The Best Age

With two teething toddlers, it can be easy to find things to complain about. Luckily, there are also many things that are new and wonderful about this age, so to help with those challenging, screaming moments, I’m going to focus on what makes my heart happy. Their Words. Their vocabulary is limited, but I love those little […]

The Curls Conundrum

I’m not sure exactly when the boys’ wispy dark baby hair transformed into silky blond curls, but I know that I am infatuated with them. And I’m not alone.  They are the topic of many comments (and often touches) from everyone they meet.  These curls also sometimes elicit the comment, “What pretty girls!” The first […]